The Office of the EDPS

The work of the EDPS is organised by units and sectors:

  • The Cabinet of the Supervisor supports the Supervisor in his/her daily work. It advises and assists the Supervisor and organises the work in respect of documents approval, briefing requests and speaking engagements. 
    Cabinet members accompany the Supervisor at his/her external meetings and are responsible for day-to-day political relationships of the EDPS.  
  • The Supervision and Enforcement unit who monitor and ensure the protection of personal data and privacy when the EU institutions and bodies process personal data and offer guidance when consulted by them on all matters relating to its processing
  • The Policy and Consultation unit who analyse proposals for legislation and formulate our advice to the EU legislator on these and new policy developments that may affect privacy;
  • The Technology and Privacy unit who ensure that our work properly assesses the technological implications for personal data protection;
  • The Information and Communication unit who communicate our work in clear language and make technical issues more accessible;
  • The Human Resources, Budget and Administration unit who plan, manage and monitor our human and financial resources; and
  • The Governance and Internal Compliance unit encompasses records, archives and knowledge management, transparency and access to documents, data protection, as well as internal control and planning coordination
  • The Office in Strasbourg aims to provide additional support in the EP legislative process, including during the plenary sessions, fulfilling its role as advisor to the EU legislators. The office cooperates and engages with policymakers, other EU institutions present in Strasbourg, as well as with the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights.

In addition to the rules for those working for the EU institutions and bodies which are laid down in the Staff Regulations, the EDPS has a number of its own policies that its staff must adhere to:




Other Documents

EDPS Rules of Procedure 2020

Decision of the European Data Protection Supervisor of 15 May 2020 adopting the Rules of Procedure of the EDPS.

Link to the Official Journal.