Lignes directrices


Étant donné que les implications en matière de protection des données de certaines fonctions communes à l’ensemble des institutions, organes et organismes de l’Union (les institutions de l’UE) sont similaires, nous publions des lignes directrices sur des sujets spécifiques tels que le recrutement, les évaluations, l’utilisation de matériel informatique sur le lieu de travail et les procédures disciplinaires.  

Ces lignes directrices viennent consolider les conseils fournis dans nos avis de contrôle préalable et nos consultations et contiennent également des orientations pertinentes formulées par le groupe de travail Article 29 et la jurisprudence des juridictions européennes.

Nos lignes directrices aident non seulement les institutions de l’UE à se conformer à la législation et à appliquer le principe de responsabilité, mais constituent également une source précieuse d’inspiration pour les autres organisations ou peuvent venir compléter les orientations fournies par les autorités nationales chargées de la protection des données.



Guidance for co-legislators on key elements of legislative Proposals

Guidance for co-legislators on key elements of legislative Proposals - Draft for public consultation

The EDPS welcomes feedback on the draft Guidance until March 31 2024. 

Please submit your feedback to the following mailbox: (ref: 2023-0025).

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Orientations from the EDPS: Body temperature checks by EU institutions in the context of the COVID-19 crisis

A number of European institutions, agencies and bodies (EUIs) have implemented body temperature checks as part of the health and safety measures adopted in the context of their “return to the office” strategy as an appropriate complementary measure, among other necessary health and safety measures, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 contamination.

At the same time, systematic body temperature checks of staff and other visitors to filter access to EUIs premises may constitute an interference into individuals’ rights to private life and/or personal data protection. The EDPS observes that body temperature checks can be implemented through a variety of devices and processes that should be subject to careful assessment. The EDPS has decided to issue the present orientations to help EUIs and Data Protection Officers (DPOs) meet the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 (the Regulation), where applicable.


Orientations from the EDPS: Reactions of EU institutions as employers to the COVID-19 crisis

The European institutions, bodies and agencies have had to react to the COVID-19 crisis not only in their policy roles, but also in their roles as employers. Changes in operations, such as moving the vast majority of staff to remote working have raised numerous questions on which EUIs consulted the EDPS. 

This document compiles the advice given on questions such as teleworking tools, staff management, health data aspects and replying to data subject access requests. 

This document builds on the experience of the past months and addresses the issues that were raised to us or encountered by us and is still relevant because telework will most likely be a big part of the ‘new normal’ for EUIs work. 

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