Prevention of harassment - Parliament


Prevention of harassment - Parliament

Opinion of 19 May 2009 on the notification for prior checking regarding the prevention of harassment (Case 2008-477)

The Advisory Committee on Harassment and its Prevention at the Workplace functions in the European Parliament with the multiple purpose of promoting a peaceful and productive working environment, preventing and/or stopping harassment of staff (officials and other servants) of the European Parliament (EP), playing a role of conciliation and mediation, training and information and playing an active role within the EP's existing health promotion network. The ACPH combats psychological and sexual harassment on the basis of complaints. In the framework of its activities, the ACPH can process various personal data, including sensitive data, related to a particular individual.

After careful analysis of the data processing activities, the EDPS advised to improve different aspects of the processing, inter alia, regarding the confidentiality of handling personal data, reconsidering the retention period and drawing up a privacy notice and provide personalised information to the person concerned.

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