Data Protection Officer


Each EU institution, body or agency (EU institutions) has appointed a data protection officer (DPO). It is the DPO's duty to ensure in an independent manner the internal application of the data protection rules applicable to the EU institution. This also involves other tasks such as ensuring that controllers and individuals (data subjects) are informed of their rights and obligations, and cooperating with the EDPS at his request or on their own initiative. A list of data protection officers can be found on the EDPS website.



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Commencing 2024 on a high: the EDPS has launched the celebrations for its 20th anniversary, with numerous initiatives and actions to take place throughout the year to fuel the future of privacy. January also marked Data Protection Day, a time to delve deeper into the data protection issues and approaches to take to protect individuals, and more. This issue is also part of our podcast series, the Newsletter Digest.

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Coordinated Enforcement Action: results of the survey of the role, responsibilities and tasks of data protection officers

The EDPS publishes the results of its survey on the role, responsibilities and tasks of data protection officers in the EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies (EUIs). The outcome of the survey demonstrates a high level of awareness and compliance of EUIs with data protection officers’ advice. The press release is available here.

Available languages: English
Available languages: English