Projecting our future: A privacy carol

Wojciech Wiewiórowski

Snowflakes are descending from the sky, children are playing outside. It is cold today, and I must remind my daughters to grab their gloves and hats, and their masks, of course. I am dreaming of this period of year as a time when we can reunite with our families and loved ones, but all of my attempts clash with reality. Needless to say, this period of year is far from what it used to be.

International data transfers top of the agenda for the 48th EDPS - DPO meeting


The EDPS and the network of DPOs of the EU institutions held its 48th meeting on 11 December 2020. Our second online meeting since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic coincided with the second anniversary of the EUDPR and focussed on the issue of international data transfers further to the “Schrems II” Judgement.

European Cybersecurity Month 2020: Time for clarity on 5G, security and privacy in the “new normal”

Thomas Zerdick, Head of Technology and Privacy

Many might associate the month of October with shorter days and all things spooky. But it should also be known as the month of all things cybersecurity.

European Cybersecurity Month is an annual campaign that takes place across Europe every October. Its aim is to raise awareness of the risks, opportunities and the state of art in the technological infrastructures that surround and support us in our daily life.

Artificial Intelligence, data and our values – on the path to the EU’s digital future

Wojciech Wiewiórowski

COVID-19 has absorbed, as normal and justifiable, most of the data protection community’s attention on pandemic related matters, namely contact tracing apps. The judgment of the Court of Justice in the so-called Schrems II case has dominated our discussions this summer. Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence (AI) occupies a privileged seat among the data protection hot topics of 2020.

Giovanni in our memories

Wojciech Wiewiórowski

August 20th marks the first anniversary of the saddest day in the history of our institution. It was a year ago when we learned that the European Data Protection Supervisor Giovanni Buttarelli died in hospital in Milan, losing a long fight against a horrible disease. Though a whole year has already passed, and the world in Covid-19 times looks different than it was in August 2019, it is still hard for me to find the words to describe my feelings that day and to summarize somehow our long friendship with Giovanni.

Report from the IPEN workshops on encryption - what is encryption and who needs it for what?

Thomas Zerdick, Head of Technology and Privacy

On 3 June 2020, the EDPS organised its first online workshop of the Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN), on the “state of the art in encryption and its role for protection of privacy and personal data ”. With nearly 200 participants, the event attracted strong interest among privacy experts, developers and engineers.

Reinventing the trainee conference in times of COVID-19

Wojciech Wiewiórowski

Upon the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, our everyday life changed to the extent that we were afraid that components of our Europe would be stolen from us forever.Our trainees managed to organise a successful and insightful webinar on privacy and data protection, highlighting that the pillars of democratic systems based on the rule of law should be preserved and prove their resilience vis-à-vis an emergency.

Inevitably, the subject of their webinar affected by the reality of COVID-19, focused on the repercussions of this global health crisis on the fundamental right to data protection.

Our trainees explain their experience and provide further details on the outcome of the debate.

Here is their story.

Wojciech Wiewiórowski