Useful infographics and documents to help you stay informed about your rights and responsibilities regarding data protection.


The EDPS quick-guide to necessity and proportionality

Processing of personal data - be it collection, storage, use or disclosure - constitutes a limitation on the right to the protection of personal data and must comply with EU law. This requires ensuring that it is both necessary and proportional.

The 8 steps outlined in "The EDPS quick-guide to necessity and proportionality" will help you assess the compatibility of measures impacting the  fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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Checklists and flowcharts on data protection

Administrative fines and sanctions under Regulation EU 2018/1725
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Checklist 1: What are the duties of the controller?
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Checklist 2: What are the duties of the processor?
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Checklist 3: What is required in a processing agreement?
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Flowchart: data transfers in the context of Brexit
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Flowchart: Are you a processor, controller, or joint controller?
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Powers of the EDPS under Regulation (EU) 2018/1725
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Useful points and questions on data protection
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Stay cool this summer - 11 tips to be secure online on holiday

Summer holidays are a chance to relax, but they can be a source of high stress themselves if you are not safe online. To help with this, the European Data Protection Supervisor has created a simple guide of 11 tips to help you stay secure while using your computer, smartphone and tablet – and in a sunny mood!

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The GDPR for EU institutions: your rights in the digital era

New data protection rules for the EU institutions provide EU citizens with the reassurance that they can enjoy the same strengthened rights when dealing with the EU institutions as they do when dealing with other companies, organizations or public bodies under the GDPR. This Factsheet will help you find out what are your rights in the digital era.

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