TechDispatch Talks #2 - Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Julia Hodder & Miriam Cakurdova

Dive into the world of Explainable Artificial Intelligent (XAI) in our newest episode of TechDispatch Talks. The adoption of AI is rapidly growing in sectors such as healthcare, finance, transportation, manufacturing and entertainment. Its increasing popularity in recent years is largely due to its ability to automate tasks, such as processing large amounts of information or identifying patterns, and its widespread availability to the public.

But, how do these systems truly operate? How does AI make its decisions? How does AI use data?

Uncover the risks associated with the implementation of XAI with the EDPS' Technology and Privacy Officer, Vítor Bernardo.

Listen it now on your favorite platforms and unravel the complexities of AI transparency, accountability, data minimisation and more!



Technology and Privacy Officer