In order to ensure supervision coordination for Eurodac, representatives of the national data protection authorities and the EDPS meet usually twice a year. The national Data Protection Authorities represented are those of the 27 EU Member States, as well as those of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. The Group is currently chaired by the Hellenic DPA, with the Dutch DPA as Vice-chair.





Asylum applicants and migrants apprehended at the external border have a duty to give their fingerprints. When their fingerprints are taken, persons have the right to understand who is processing their personal data and why. They have the right to know what data are stored and for how long. They should know how to access it, correct and erase their data, in case of mistakes and whom to contact for these purposes.

In practice, officers find it challenging to give information on all aspects of the data processing at the time when taking fingerprints. People are often unaware why they give their fingerprints and what happens to these.

This leaflet assists officers and authorities to inform asylum applicants and migrants in an understandable and accessible way about the processing of their fingerprints in Eurodac.

It was a joint effort by the Fundamental Rights Agency and the Eurodac Supervision Coordination Group, consisting of representative of each Member State's data protection authority supervising the Eurodac Regulation and the European Data Protection Supervisor.