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Welcome to the EDPS Reference Library! This virtual library is a gateway to a wealth of information on a selection of subjects covered in the course of our supervision of the EU institutions and bodies.

Clicking on one of the topics below will take you to a summary of key points about that subject. For those of you interested in more detailed information, the summary also includes links to other relevant documents.

We hope you find this library a useful source of information on our supervision work. We will endeavour to update each topic regularly.

This initiative is part of the EDPS Strategy 2015-2019 to:

  • develop a web-based repository for information on data protection as a resource for our stakeholders;
  • train EU bodies on how best to respect data protection rules in practice;
  • support EU institutions in moving from a purely compliance-based approach to one that is accountability-based.

To help the EU institutions to fulfil their data protection obligations under the law, we regularly issue guidance papers (thematic guidelines, papers, opinions, consultations and decisions). While these are in principle aimed at the EU institutions, anyone interested in data protection might find them useful; the Data Protection Regulation applicable to the EU institutions Regulation (EC) No 2018/1725 is similar in many respects to the General Data Protection Regulation, which from 20 July 2018 also applies for Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.


Access to eCommunications data when an employee is absent

Administrative inquiries and disciplinary proceedings

Anti-harassment procedures

Anti-fraud procedures

Asset freezing

Big Data

Blacklisting and early warning systems

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Evaluation of staff

Health data in the workplace   

Information security   

International transfers   

Leave management

Mobile devices

Prevention of conflicts of interest   

Private use of electronic communications in the workplace   

Procurement and external experts

Selection and recruitment of staff