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Please note that you can make enquiries and requests about your personal data processed by the EDPS including access, correction or erasure using this form. For more information, please go to our Data Protection Officer at the EDPS page. To complain to the EDPS, please fill in our complaints form.

Please note that we are unable to accept applications or enquiries about recruitment via this contact form. Any application you send us including related documents will be deleted in line with our data retention policy and will not be forwarded to the relevant service. 

  • For contract agent or seconded national expert enquiries, please write to:
  • For enquiries about traineeships, please write to:
  • For all other questions about recruitment, we refer you to the Recruitment page on this website.
Important Security Information 
The EDPS strives to ensure a high level of security for information shared with us in our contact form such as using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Nevertheless, communication over the internet, including email, is not fully secure and can potentially be intercepted by persons outside of the EDPS. The EDPS relies on third party services (the European Parliament and the European Commission) to help maintain the security and performance of the EDPS website; the EDPS IT infrastructure is subject to their security measures.