20 Talks - Daniel J. Solove: Professor at the George Washington University Law School

Portrait of Daniel Solove in blue background and circles
Xabier Lareo & Francesco Albinati

Daniel Solove is a renowned expert in privacy law, holding the Eugene L. and Barbara A. Bernard Professorship at George Washington University Law School. He is known for his academic research and popular books exploring the intersection of privacy and technology. In this episode Prof. Solove presents his perspectives on the future of privacy, data protection and democracy.

This episode is a part of "20 Talks", a series of insightful discussions with 20 experts and influential personalities across diverse domains,  looking into the profound implications of privacy and data protection within their specific spheres.


Daniel J. Solove

Professor at the George Washington University Law School

Professor Solove has authored numerous books and more than 100 law review articles. He founded TeachPrivacy, a privacy training company. Professor Solove is a leading voice in promoting understanding and protecting privacy in the digital age. As part of this promotion activities he frequently speaks at conferences and appears in media, including the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.