European Data Protection Summit: “Rethinking Data in a Democratic Society”


European Data Protection Summit: “Rethinking Data in a Democratic Society”

On 20 June 2024, we invite you to the European Data Protection Summit: “Rethinking Data in a Democratic Society”. This unique event brings together privacy experts, technology specialists, policy-makers, and other influential voices to discuss how data protection can safeguard our democratic society.

Date: 20 June 2024

Location: Brussels and online

Programme: check the preliminary Programme and the 5 Concept Questions

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In an era where data is pivotal in shaping our digital landscape, businesses, governments, and various entities can leverage this data to enhance services and make informed decisions. States act as key players in addressing and navigating these issues. They both establish and enforce regulations for responsible data handling and use this data for various purposes. As a result, especially in recent years, crucial issues have emerged on the role of states and the importance data play in this regard.

Over two decades, the EDPS, the European Union's independent data protection authority, has provided an essential contribution to shaping the current privacy landscape. Taking stock of this experience, we would like to use our 20th anniversary as a moment to bring to the public debate questions about the role of a state in times of ever-growing collection of information about citizens, be it by private or public entities, and the part that data protection should play in the modern democracies.

The discussion will touch upon the role of data protection, its possibilities and limitations, its successes and missed opportunities, in contributing to the development of the fundaments of democratic societies. Through this initiative, the EDPS seeks to foster and fuel the public debate on this matter by rethinking present and future needs.

The Summit aims to gather key stakeholders in the data protection world, decision-makers and influential voices: those who shape the debate on democracies. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of this dynamic discussion.

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